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Easy Mincemeat Energy Balls


A perfect recipe to have for the last minute guests for your Christmas parties! Made with use 3 ingredients!

Is it too early to talk about Christmas? We still need to get over Halloween and all the candy coming  our way but I can’t help but jump into the December Christmas madness already…


• 1 cup quick cooking oats
• 4-5 tbsp mincemeat (I love the one from @Sainsbury that is citrusy)
• Melted white chocolate 1 bar
Optional – Freeze dried strawberry powder or crushed rose petals


Puree / Mix the oats with mincemeat (I use my Vitamin) – If it doesn’t become a homogenous ball – add more mincemeat!

Roll into equal sized balls – about 8-10 and dip each ball into white chocolate and sprinkle with freeze dried strawberries. Leave to dry on a parchment. It will last for a week to ten days in the fridge!

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