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Energy Balls (8 for 14£)

Our energy balls are a healthy, wholesome, fibre and protein packed snacks for the whole family made in small batches and totally scrumptious. Ingredients – Oats, Dates, Nuts, Seeds, Spices, Dried Fruit.


They come in flavours to suit everyone’s mood and can be customised to be made Nut Free – Ferrero Balls, Choco Chip, Choco Chip Peanut Butter, Sesame Coconut, Apple Cinnamon, Mincemeat Energy Balls (Seasonal)

Energy Bars (8 for 16£)

These are a perfect Breakfast Bar / Snack especially for the kids after having a long day at school. These convenient nutrient-packed are uniquely crafted to fuel and nourish. It’s packed with nuts, seeds and oats and sweetened with honey. Ingredients – Oats, Honey, Nuts, Seeds, Dried Fruit, Cacao Powder.


These Energy Bars come in two delicious flavours to give you an energy boosting healthy treat – Honey Cranberry & Choco Loco.

Nourish Me Cookies (8 for 16£)

These are especially made for new mums and will support all moms in their breastfeeding journey if included as part of a healthy diet. They’re made with ingredients rich in iron, fibre, calcium, protein, and good fats. Ingredients – Oats, Nuts, Jaggery, Seeds, Spices, Coconut Oil, Katlu Powder, Fenugreek

These can be made with Chocolate Chip, Peanut Butter but the Original flavour is the best.

Mixed Cookies (8 for 16£)

These cookies are customised to be made from some of the healthiest and wholesome ingredients such as Wholemeal Flour / GF Flour / White Brown Flour, Jaggery / Coconut Sugar / Raw Organic Sugar and a mix of Nuts and Seeds.


Chocolate Chip Cookies, Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies, Pistachio Cookies, Rose Cardamom Cookies and Gingerbread Cookies. 

Our Tea Loaves are made for occasions when nothing but will cake will do, dressed up with frosting and as decadent as an Occasion Cake but a smaller portion. You can opt out of the frosting, customise it for any dietary requirements or healthy-fy it to be sugar free, wholemeal or minimise sugar.

Ingredients – Flour, Coconut Sugar / Raw Organic Sugar, Nuts / Seeds, Eggs, Oil, Cacao Powder, Flavours.

Pricing: 12£ – 14£

Elderflower Berry Tea Loaf (BestSeller)

Vegan Lemon Pistachio Tea loaf (Great Taste Award Winner)

Elderflower Lemon Tea Loaf

Apple Cinnamon Tea Loaf (Bestseller)

Chocolate / Chocolate Almond Tea Loaf

Vanilla Berry Tea Loaf

Tutti Frutti Flavoured Tea Loaf

Date Banana Tea Loaf (Sugar Free)

Minimum 10 day’s notice required for themed cakes.
All toppers, themes, wafer paper decorations are charged extra.
All servings are dessert portions.

• 6 inch 2 Layer Cake – 37.50£

• 6 inch Small Cake (3 Layers) – 8-12 Pieces – 70£ Onwards

• 6 inch Tall Cake (4 Layers) – 22-24 Pieces – 90£ Onwards

• 8 inch 2 Layers – 70£

• 8 inch Small Cake (3layers) – 87.50£ Onwards

• 8 inch Tall Cake – 150£ Onwards

• Cupcakes (Minimum Order of 12) – 39£

Toppers, Macarons and Fruits Charged Extra.


My celebration cakes are made with the highest quality local ingredients, raw organic sugar and fresh fruit compotes. They have upto 30% less sugar than regular bakery cakes without compromising on taste and are frosted and decorated with a mix of Swiss Meringue Frosting, Whipped Ganache or a special Fresh Cream n Mascarpone Frosting.

I also create sugar free cakes sweetened with dates and fruits, using natural colours and no preservatives especially for toddlers. All my cakes can be customised for your special dietary requirements and can be made eggless or vegan.

Process for Ordering a Celebration Cake:
Email me at with the date, flavour of cake, any theme you have in mind, the size of the cake.

Elderflower with Mixed Berries (or Strawberries / Choice of Berries)

Lemon Pistachio (Vegan version has won a Great Taste Award)

Double Chocolate Cake (Bestseller)

Fresh Pineapple and Cashew Praline

Elderflower and Lemon Curd

Apple Cinnamon

Fresh Mangoes n Cream

Fresh Strawberries n Cream

Chocolate n Cherry (Black Forest Cake)

Chocolate n Raspberry Cake

Chocolate Mousse Cake

Mango Mousse Cake

Our Hampers and Specials are usually done for
• Occasions & Birth Announcements
• Wedding Favours
• Diwali & Christmas Gifting
• Corporate Gifting

The products and packaging is customised for the client
(25£ onwards, Minimum Quantity – 5)

Traditional Milk Barfi / Lemon Pistachio / Biscoff Barfi
They’re made with pure milk and ghee using traditional recipes and no preservatives or colours are added to them

Dessert Jars
Gulab Jamun / Ras Malai Tres Leeches / Mango Mousse
These capture the traditional taste of Indian Mithai and Western Desserts and give a burst of flavours and textures in each mouthful. It is a must try from our seasonal range.


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