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Mango Ice-Cream


December 2022

The super easy 3 ingredient is used to making a simple whisk and bowl and sets overnight in the freezer – the best is its a no-churn simple recipe! And its an ode to my care-free growing up days in Mumbai!

So if you have stashed some alphonso mango puree away in your freezer here is the recipe!


• 11/2 Cups Mango Puree (I use @ktcedibles Alphonso Puree)
• 11/2 Cups Double Cream whipped to soft peaks
• 1 Cup Condensed Milk


IN a bowl with a whisk mix the mango puree, double cream and condensed milk. Whisk well and a add to a glass or a steel container and stash away in the freezer for those times that only ice-cream will do!

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