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Biscoff Cigarrillos


December 2022

You need this for your Thanksgiving and Christmas dinner tables! The simplest dessert to make! Absolutely east peasy TWO ingredient recipe (EASY HACK to make VEGAN)


• Filo Pastry
• Biscoff Spread
• Oil
• Milk or 1 Egg (for the lovely wash that adds the glossy brown colour)


Take 1 Filo sheet and evenly spray with a bit of oil. At one end add 2 tbsp of Biscoff spread and spread evenly (on the short side) in a thin line leaving 1 inch from both edges.

Roll it up carefully

Give it an egg or milk wash

Add into the oven at 160C for 25-30 min to get the perfect Biscoff cigars.

These are vegan if you give a plant based milk wash! Add some crushed pecans to customise for Thanksgiving or crush some ginger bread in it to make it on Christmas!

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